Into the Open – Music Festival

Into the Open (ITO) is a two-year festival programme dedicated to young classical music ensembles that works in a transnational and interdisciplinary manner together with curator artists from other genres. Its aim is to co-create novel and inspiring formats for the performance of classical music that break out of the ‘old’ 19th century structures of the classical music scene, develop training possibilities for young musicians and set up a series of transnational festivals with performances in alternative locations. ITO brings a partnership together of classical music festivals, theatre halls and music academies, with project partners from Berlin (Germany), Vilnius (Lithuania), Strasbourg (France) and Tbilisi (Georgia).

I have assisted in the development and writing of the project for the project’s Lead Beneficiary RCCR Projects. The project is selected for funding by the Creative Europe Culture programme in 2023.

A link to the ITO website will be made available soon.